As such, costing and pricing is critical regardless of the funding regime in place. However, in this webinar, we look at the NDIS Pricing Model. We do this for two reasons: (1) the NDIS is the principle fundingW15
source in the future for all disability services; and (2) because a review of the NDIS Pricing Model gives those undertaking costing and pricing calculations and those making decisions regarding these
exercises a point of reference from which they can undertake a reasonableness check and a framework in response to which they can strategise in order to ensure ongoing sustainability.

Learning Objectives:
People viewing this webinar will be able to:

  1. Understand the NDIS Pricing Model and the assumptions made in the model with respect to key costing and pricing decisions;
  2. Working back from the NDIS Costing and Pricing Model, users will be able to assess their organisation’s price in the light of that offered by the NDIA;
  3. Apply the Model’s assumptions and framework in order to compare their costing and pricing exercise with the results gained if they apply the model itself; and
  4. Using the data created, you can then assess the areas of difference between your costing and pricing mode and that adopted by the NDIS in order to identify areas of concern.

Who should attend this webinar:

  • Accountants and CFOs developing costing and pricing in their organisations
  • CEOs and senior managers who need to know how the NDIs arrives at its prices and what components they may need to focus on in order to reduce variations between their price and that offered by the NDIA.

Duration: 30 minutes

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